November 25, 2019

State Funeral – September Funeral

Icebolethu Funerals had the honour of laying to rest one of our fallen heroines, Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy.  The funeral ceremony […]
September 23, 2019

22 September Funeral

With 10 years experience in this industry we have mastered the art of staging the most beautiful yet dignified funerals. We have beautiful arrangements […]
August 23, 2019

Icebolethu Catering

Icebolethu Catering services are designed to relieve you of the pressure of dealing with catering requirements while grieving. Our skilled catering team ensures that […]
July 22, 2019

20 July Funeral_Sahara Stadium

July 1, 2019

Icebolethu Academy Launch

July 1, 2019

2nd Car Winner Handover

July 1, 2019

1st Car Winner Handover

May 9, 2019

Icebolethu Caskets

April 8, 2019

Our New Volvo Fleet

Introducing The Volvo addition to our growing fleet!!!Over the past 10 Years a lot of people have realized that they can rely on Icebolethu […]