In need of an affordable Funeral Parlour to assist you in giving your loved one a dignified memorial?

Icebolethu offers relief from the emotional and financial stress of planning a funeral. As a result, this helps families honor their loved one.

We’re a widely respected funeral parlour, providing holistic funeral services with the utmost care, respect, and dignity.

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    From as little as R70 per month, we take great pride and care with:

    Collection of the deceased

    Storage of the body

    Washing and preparation of the body

    Assistance in registration of death certificate

    Coffin Spray

    Providing a Hearse

    Funeral Parlour Zulu Tombstones

    Funeral Parlour Services


    Our drivers transport the deceased from the place of death to the final resting place within the borders of South Africa, the UK and in the SADC region.

    We are able to provide this service due to our large fleet of well maintained, and professional vehicles.

    Storage of the body

    Once the family has entrusted us with their loved one, we take care of the deceased with the utmost professionalism.

    Embalming the body of the deceased is available when required.

    Death registration

    The Department of Home Affairs will only issue a Death Certificate on receipt of the notification of death.

    To assist with this, our funeral parlour services help guide you through the process.

    Preparation & decor of the church

    If your family prefers saying their final goodbyes to their loved one in a church or chapel, we will be available for preparation and set up.

    For example, we will decorate the church before the service.


    We assist you with all the proceedings on the burial day, making sure the coffin is carefully transported to the final resting place.

    Furthermore, Icebolethu will assist with the actual burying, which includes the lowering device and adequate tools to use.

    Above all, our staff are with the family throughout the day ensuring they are well taken care of.

    *These services are included in all our funeral cover packages.

    Funeral parlours and addresses:

    With over 10 mortuaries in KwaZulu-Natal, you won’t have to go far.

    Dundee Funeral Parlour

    Shop no. 5,53 Wilson Street, Dundee

    View Map

    Greytown Funeral Parlour

    153 Hutchinson Street, Greytown

    View Map

    Kokstad Funeral parlour

    65C Hope Street, Kokstad

    View Map

    LadySmith Funeral Parlour

    04 Progress Road, Ladysmith

    View Map

    Newcastle Funeral Parlour

    13B Murchison Street, Newcastle

    View Map

    PMB Funeral Parlour

    66 Greyling Street, Pietermaritzburg

    View Map

    Portshepstone Funeral Parlour

    Unit 3684, Lot 368, 4-20 Ordinance Road, Marburg

    View Map

    Clark Road Funeral Parlour

    No. 14 Clark Road, Glenwood, Durban

    View Map

    Vryheid Funeral Parlour

    9C Street Crescent, Vryheid

    View Map

    Mandeni Funeral Parlour (Extension)

    Lot 296 New Ark, Mandeni

    View Map

    Newlands Funeral Parlour

    19 Marblerazy Drive, Newlands, Durban

    View Map

    Crompton Street Funeral Parlour

    145 Crompton Street, Pinetown

    View Map

    Mpumalanga Unit 6 Funeral Parlour

    F34 Buthelezi Road, Mpumalanga, Hammarsdale

    View Map

    Ulundi Funeral Parlour

    ERF BA 330, Shop N.A, Manelisi BLDG, Ulundi

    View Map

    Funeral Parlour Packages

    “I needed someone to take care of  business as I take care of  her and Icebolethu came through for us.”
    Funeral Parlor
    “sengilala ubuthongo. Thank you.’’

    “Phambili nge Icebolethu Funeral parlour. Ngenhlanhla in my mall at Dube village kwavulwa Icebolethu, amanani alungele wonke umuntu sengilala ubuthongo. Thank you Icebolethu, ngiyazi nongifihla ngesizotha.’’

    Hlengiwe Ndwandwe

    Funeral Parlor
    “Even after the funeral, Icebolethu called asking ukuthi kuhambe kahle yini, siyabonga kakhulu’’

    “Job well done by Icebolethu funeral parlour, from ukulandwa komzimba ekhaya until umngcwabo. I’m so speechless nenza into ethuli du engena “question mark?”. AmaCalls angena left, right and center just to make sure ukuthi everything iright..from day one even after the funeral, we received calls ukuthi kuhambe kahle yini yonkinto,siyabonga kakhulu! May God Bless Icebolethu’’

    Thabisile Nzimande

    Funeral Parlor
    “Special thanks for your love, support, kindness, and patience’’

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Icebolethu funeral parlour for taking care of the funeral of our beloved father. We as the Cele family, we say thank you so much. Above all, a special thanks to the Port Shepstone branch, for your love, support, kindness, and patience. Thank you and God bless.”

    The Cele Family

    Call: 086 000 7580

    SMS “ICEBO” to 33282
    R1.50 per SMS.

    Or send us a “Please Call Me”
    to: 072 782 8138

    Our call center agents are available 24/7 for inquiries