Together, we can

change the world.

Over the past 7 years since Icebolethu Foundation was established it has run several programmes that have changed lives, gave hope to the hopeless and supported the skilled and talented which had no access to opportunities.

Icebolethu Foundation


Here I am referring to building houses buying water tanks for the farmers, sponsoring canoeing tournaments, giving kids school essentials, starting gardens for communities and raising partners, building and nurturing the next generation of female leaders through Rhoda Girls and other programmes.

Bridging the IT gap

Computer Skills Centre.

In a digital era, which we live in now where access to information is very crucial to one’s career prospects, Icebolethu Foundation realized that young people from rural communities are being closed off from the system due to limited or no access to information due to lack of resources.

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It is for this reason that the foundation established The Computer Skills Centre Initiative which is to bridge the information gap and empower youth from disadvantaged areas.

These Computer Centres are equipped with computers, printers, data and tutors for guidance.

We call upon our community members and leaders to own these centres and guide them jealousy for their safety and sustainability.

The Nquthu Computer Centre is the first of many in our plans, but we cannot enrol all of them on our own, we invite other companies, businesspeople and any interested institutions to partner with us as we give access to information to our youth, giving them a chance to compete in this digital age.

Indaleni garden project

Agricultural Projects.

In 2020, during the peak of Covid-19, Icebolethu Foundation launched a garden project in Richmond, aimed at aiding unemployed youth and those that lost their jobs due to retrenchments. Through our main partner Richmond Municipality, we identified 20 youth from a village called Indaleni.

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Theses beneficiaries were trained and provided with resources by the Foundation, to start a crop garden for home consumption or to sell and gain profits. This is another way of creating sustainable solutions for the youth to be able to provide for their families through agriculture crop farming.

This project has since gained attention from local businesses like Build-It, which donated irrigation system and water sprinklers. Department of Agriculture provides monthly trainings and donates, Seedlings, compost and many other gardening necessities.

The garden produces Spinach, Cabbage, Beetroot & Peppers. They currently supply Icebolethu Catering Department and a Children’s Home in Hammarsdale.

Supporting passion

Canoe Academy.

In 2021, one of our employees who was a security guard reached out to us requesting support and sponsorship for the Duzi Marathon, we supported his passion. After we have been involved in many races, we noted the need to expand the opportunity…

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to more people in need, that is when the Foundation identified kids from township in the EThekwini West area, that compete in the canoe sport and started a Icebolethu Canoe Academy which is now coached by the former security employee.

The Academy has since grown and attracted partnerships like KwaZulu Natal Canoe Union and positive media attention.

The kids in our academy have participated in these races; Duzi Marathon, Berg River Marathon, Fish River Race, Albert Falls Dam Race, KZN Schools K1 River Champs, SA Maratho and many other local races.

Mentorship programme

Rhoda Girls.

At Icebolethu Foundation we have taken a stand by doing our part to shape the next generation of young women through the Rhoda Girls programme. The programme was launched in 2017 and through this programme Nomfundo Mcoyi….

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mentors 50 girls for a period of 5 years.

The Rhoda Girls programme is a holistic approach to empowering young African women to be the best they can be and be future leaders in society. This year, 14 girls graduated from the program after their academic graduation on their respective universities.

We then advertised vacancies for 14 new girls to join the program. We received an overwhelming response from girls across the country, who see the amazing work that the program does for the girls through mentorship and camps.


Home Building.

Looking at the communities that w serve, we still find the need to build houses for those in need and over the years, we have partnered with different corporates to build houses. As we speak, we are currently building a house in Hammarsdale in…

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partnership with one of our corporates which will be complete end of November.


To be a leader and driving force for future generations in helping youth realize their potential and positively impact their communities. To achieve fundamental change in lives of older people by empowering them to live full lives and sustain their changing needs.


To resuscitate and promote the culture and belief that “Together we can change the world”. Our belief will form a movement to influence sustainable impact within our communities.

  • To provide strategic support services to our target market.
  • To identify the needs of relevant communities to develop programs and projects geared at fulfilling those needs.
  • To provide strategic support services to our target market.
  • To generate income to fund identified activities and projects.
  • To establish sound partnerships with relevant external parties such as local Government, local and international media and the community members involved.
Together, we can

Partner with us to make a change

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