Together We Can Change The World

The Icebolethu Foundation is dedicated to focusing and driving community development projects that will contribute to developing one community area at a time.

Icebolethu Foundation was founded in 2015 with the aim of uplifting, empowering and facilitating change by developing sustainable solutions for the youth and the elderly. We are a Black Empowerment Organization driven by African values and we celebrate our country’s diversity and cultural wisdom. Our key focus area includes Education, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and supporting sustainable living for the elderly.

Back To School Campaign

At Icebolethu Foundation we run a programme termed the “BACK TO SCHOOL” campaign. This campaign is aimed at assisting underprivileged students with basic schooling necessities such as school uniform, shoes and lunch bags. This year it has been a great honor partnering with the Department of Cooperative Government and Traditional Affairs in KwaZulu Natal, in the Back to School campaign as a social partner. Icebolethu Foundation donated 166 uniforms to underprivileged school kids in 5 KZN districts.

Rhoda Girls

“If you educate a man, you educate one person. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation”-UN. Icebolethu Foundation are taking a stand and doing our part to shape the next generation of young women through the Rhoda Girls programme. The programme was launched in 2017 and through the programme we adopted 50 girls to mentor for a period of 5 years. The Rhoda Girls programme is a holistic approach to empowering young African women to be the best they can be and be leaders in society. The program includes character building camps that take place 4 times annually. At these camps we provide much needed education on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Through this programme we build young women to be the best version of themselves, empowering them not just for themselves but for their families and communities.

Home Building Initiative

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

― Tia Walker.

Icebolethu Foundation is committed to building homes for the needy through the Home Building Initiative. Over the years the program has provided much needed dignified, fully furnished homes for families in need throughout the KZN area.

In 2020 we have committed to build four homes for underprivileged families, three of these houses will be built is through a partnership Icebolethu Foundation has with Africa Unity Life.


Studies have proven that physical activity in senior citizens is the number one contributor to longevity. The Gogo’Fit initiative has been running for two years and a little over 600 grannies participated in the 5 km walk in 2019. At the Gogo’Fit events, the elderly are educated and encouraged on practical ways to eat healthy, be physically and socially active as well as empowering them with entrepreneurial skills. In 2019, the Gogo’Fit initiative was bigger and better with exciting prices that were sponsored by Mr Price, Pep and FRC Cars. Gogo’Fit is an ongoing initiative that is transforming lives of the elderly in our communities, one granny at a time.

Water Tanks Donation

Icebolethu Foundation is dedicated to focusing on and driving community development projects that will contribute to developing one community at a time. The foundation visited the Uitval community to handover water tanks to 10 selected co-operatives in the crop farming sector. With these water tanks the Uitval community stands to greatly benefit and continue to grow and create opportunities in the farming sector.

Covid-19 Relief Initiative

As the Icebolethu Foundation we are focused on our effects to bringing solutions and providing aid to the communities our organization serves. Our country is currently going through a global pandemic that has left many citizens panicked, fearful and devastated. As the lockdown continues, poverty-stricken communities are barely holding up – the rise of unemployment, starvation/hunger and lack of education about the COVID-19. Icebolethu Foundation has started social relief projects in communities, we have delivered; Groceries, toiletries, masks, gloves and sanitizers to communities in KwaZulu Natal.

Partner with us to make a change

Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: Icebolethu Foundation
Account Number: 62572006958
Branch Code: 221126


To be a leader and driving force for future generations in helping youth realize their potential and positively impact their communities. To achieve fundamental change in lives of older people by empowering them to live full lives and sustain their changing needs.


To resuscitate and promote the culture and belief that “Together we can change the world”. Our belief will form a movement to influence sustainable impact within our communities.


  • To provide strategic support services to our target market.
  • To identify the needs of relevant communities to develop programs and projects geared at fulfilling those needs.
  • To provide strategic support services to our target market.
  • To generate income to fund identified activities and projects.
  • To establish sound partnerships with relevant external parties such as local Government, local and international media and the community members involved.

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