Financial Services

Icebolethu Financial Services is a Liberty Franchise offering life cover, Savings Plans, and Educational Policies to the emerging consumer market.

Icebolethu is a registered Financial Services Provider FSP45714.

All our advisers are FAIS accredited and highly trained to give the best advise to consumers who were once financially excluded.

Financial Services
Historically, the black economic segment did not have access to the more sophisticated financial products available in the market.

Icebolethu Finacials services is bridging the gap between these consumers and the South African Financial market in order to promote Black Economic Empowerment.

The following products are offered to the market by Icebolethu Financial Services.

  • Life Cover maximum cover R500 000
  • Disability cover maximum cover R500 000
  • Accidental Plan
  • Assistance in registration of death
  • Comprehensive Funeral Plan
  • Extended Family member funeral plan
  • Standard Funeral Plan
  • Parents Funeral Plan
  • Education policy in the event of death or disability
  • Hearse
  • Investments R200 R300 & R500 per month. The term of investment in chosen by the individual.
Group Schemes Pension and Provident Funds (secured through GM)
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Investments (Secured through the GM)

Icebolethu Financial services is a subsidiary of the Icebolethu Group

A franchise affiliated to Liberty Life and all products are underwritten by Liberty Life. We pride ourselves and providing financial freedom for all based on affordability and financial need.

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