Born from the need to cater at our clients funerals

We can cater for all events, from private dinner parties to weddings, anniversaries, Imbiso’s and of course funerals.

Icebolethu Caterers

Icebolethu Caterers was established in 2009 which started off as an additional service under Icebolethu Funerals

Now an official division of Icebolethu Group, Icebolethu Caterers serves as one of the most efficient and most valued divisions because of its convenience and hearty catering service.

Icebolethu Caterers are capable of arranging catering for all events, from small intimate dinner parties to large corporate functions.


Providing the community with exceptional service, care and dedication.

The Icebolethu Group, then still known as Icebolethu Funerals, opened its doors in 2008, driven by the need to provide an outstanding service to customers in need of dedication towards dignified funeral services.

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